In the state of Nodenero, money does not exist. It was founded by a group of radicals that were able to convince the United States government to leave a state separate for this belief and movement. Many people that believed in the system moved to Nodenero for a better life. The daily life for people in Nodenero is not as grueling or slaving as corporate life in America. Hours and shifts are dramatically reduced and a credit system is established by which balancing disparity is monitored. Work is necessary for everyone however, the work is a lot less than the regular 9-5PM job. At most, work is 4 hours. Work is owned by public corporations that mass produce and mass serve the general public. From supermarkets to restaurants, the public corporations that are run by the state effectively allow individuals to enjoy life more and working less. People can enjoy different jobs and can be put on a rotation system in order to avoid mundane activities. State politics can no longer be run by greed and corruption but by unity and respect. Everyone that is over 21 has to vote for the politics of the state.

Those who are caught dealing with money and or have any money will be jailed and banned from the state. These individuals are usually underworld criminals who take advantage of the system by buying credits through cash. There have been organizations in the past that have made famous because of it. Near the begining of its creation and movement, a group of exremist named themsevles Cash Money and smuggled loads of cash from outside states into Nodenero and used it to pay off members, buy weapons from the outside, and fuel the very system that the state wished to dominish. However, an old pirate named Captain Flint overthrew their ways and a new and flourishing state became to be.