The hover car was invented by Nole Ksum. Nole Ksum had the first designs of the hover car back in 2010. By 2014, Nole Ksum had a prototype of a hover car that would hover approximately 3 inches above the ground. The prototype had 2 layers of magnets within the frame of the car. The repelling magnets allowed the hover car to float or “hover” 3 inches off of the ground. However, 3 inches was not high enough because the bottom of the hover car would scrape against the curb and speed bumps. By 2016, Nole Ksum had created another prototype which could hover 12 inches (one foot) off the ground. This prototype used stronger magnets with an additional 6 layers within the frame of the car to keep it hovering 12 inches off the ground. A year later in 2017, Nole Ksum had enough funding to begin production of the first batch of hover cars. Production of the hover car took place in Fremont, CA. Initially, only 100 hover cars were produced in order to gain feedback from consumers. Within the first year of production, the hover car sold out. However, safety regulation and laws regarding hover cars on the road were not set. This prevented customers from actually using their hover cars on the road. Production of any future hover cars has been stopped due to regulation and laws within the state of California. Nole Ksum is currently working with the government towards getting regulation and laws set in place for the use of hover cars. Getting new laws and regulation set in place for the hover car will take some time, but as of now, no one is able to drive their hover cars out on public roads.