The Tally is said to be a thick, snakelike creature, around eight to twelve inches in length, and the approximate width of a banana. Witnesses claim the Tally has no eyes or nose, but a mouth, which it uses to render its prey paralyzed. It has been stated that the Tally’s movements are similar to that of a caterpillar or inch worm, but the Tally is still an effective predator as witnesses have described the Tally’s incredible ability to camouflage itself, much like a chameleon. Tally sightings have been reported mostly in the Pacific Northwest and South Western Canada. It is rumored that the Tally prefers cool, dark environments. Similar to descriptions of the chupacabra, the Tally allegedly enjoys sucking the blood from animals, especially goats. In 2011, SJSU student Jennifer Johnson offered a $100 reward for the safe capture of a Tally, which, to date, has not been responded to.