This is about to happen again. Year’s ago there was a sudden power outage that decimated the Northeastern grid line, officially known as the Northeastern Blackout of 2003. A large swath of land was suddenly returned humbling reality without power. As the official story purports, the power outage was blamed on failing software resulting in a flashover or surge of power that effectively resulted in a cascading effect, resulting in the crippling power grid. That story is a farce and was crafted to cover up the  only secret that matters. Unfortunately, the true story has been silenced. Those that know the truth refer to the event as the Stranger Things 2.

There are few who know the real events that transpired during this time. Here’s the real story. Outside of Treasure Lake Pennsylvania is Brenner Powerplant. The epicenter of the blackout and the epicenter of Stranger Things 2. Brenner power plant connected to a facility that was set up by a secret branch of the us government that researches humanity's existence. You would think that this pursuit would be commendable and would warrant being known, wrong. Power is to be had by retaining control of the unknown, the darker side - The Upside Down as it’s known. The misery invokes the questioning of everything that is. From the origins to the beyond. The Upside Down is an alternate dimension that exists in parallel with our own. This other dimension houses ineffable monsters.

The government's toiling with this unknown world brought about inexplicable occurrences with what we believe to be the other side, a side that should not be fucked with. The Northeastern Blackout was the result of discharging the power grid to create the portal to the other side. This is about to happen again. There will be...