This multi-use tool was first used in 1952 by a young student. He had it tied to his jeans every day on his walk home. The tool had a metal chain along with other metal shards attached to it. The metal shards are durable enough to open bottles and through car paint and rope. The student was in the engineering program over at Stanford University where he had created the tool with his professor. Initially the design was created for construction and architecture but after multiple randomly sampled tests the users began using it for everyday use. One of the study sample groups began experiencing withdrawals once the tool was taken away from them. The largest complaint after the tool was taken away was that the clients could not get into their automobile. The problem was resolved when the tools were returned.

Furthermore this tool remained nameless until it hit the market in 1958 when it was called “syek.” The product became popular among consumers in their late teens and adults. Eventually, the product made headlines in Time Magazine and other magazines. The majority of the articles consisted of positive statements about the products uses. In addition the Society of Angry Ex’s promoted the product’s therapeutic uses. The society’s most popular member Taylor Swift created a spike in consumer demand after her single “I Strongly Dislike My New Ex” was released. Allegations of Swift having connections to the original creators of the “syek” were disproven after an interview on the satellite radio show Sway in the Morning. Moreover, the tool still remains popular among consumers.