Nozzul Xo Zaario aka The Kingslayer (1221-1299 AD), son of Baelal Xo Zarrio. Nozzul was born into a lowborn family of farmers. However, it was Baelal’s wish that his son would rise up in the world. Through much begging and a payment of 10 gold pieces he acquired a squire-ship to Sir Bernard Mandeville for his son Nozzul.

At age twelve Nozzul became a squire for the knight Sir Bernard Mandeville. After serving only four years as a squire, Nozzul was awarded knight hood by Lord Gerald Snowstark for his valiance and bravery during the battle at Musbairy Hill. It was noted that during the battle of Musbairy Hill he was directly responsible for saving Lord Snowstark’s life by slaying three enemies who were attacking Snowstark.

After accepting Knight hood at age sixteen, Sir Nozzul Xo Zaario remained in the service of Lord Gerald Snowstark. Shortly after the battle of Musbairy Hill the armies of Lord Snowstark laid siege to castle Dragonmount. During the siege Zaario lead the first battalion through the gate after it fell and fought his way through to King Loki Burrorok. Not long after King Burrorok and Zaario were engaged in battle, Zaario emerged victorious with the head of the dead king impaled on his sword.

After the siege of castle Dragonmount, Lord Gerald Snowstark was pronounced King and granted Nozzul Xo Zaario the title of Lord and granted him lands to own and rule in the name of the King. However, to the people of the lands his unofficial name and title became Kingslayer Zaario.