Nubea, coming from the Latin word “nubes” for cloud, is the name of a lost castle in the clouds. This castle, once containing a large number of royalty and their subjects, is now abandoned in the clouds. Over the centuries, however, it has not lost its ancient look.


Founded during the Middle Ages, Nubea was discovered and built by a mighty warrior in the 7th century by the name of Gardyner. In search of a new kingdom, Gardyner became the ruling king until his death at age 84. At the time of his death, the castle and all the subjects abandoned Nubea because he had no living heirs.

Nobody quite knows the location of Nubea. Some only happen to stumble upon it. These adventurers are immediately amazed at the picture in front of their eyes. While dark and forsaken, all can still see its former glory. The air is clear, and lush green plants and trees still grow. Waterfalls flow down from the peaks of the castle and form small pools of clear crystal blue water at the base.

Perhaps the greatest treasures still in Nubea are the fine metals. No one has dared to enter these dark doors, but tales are still told of the riches held within its walls. As he conquered new territories, Gardyner brought his treasures to Nubea and hid them in the castle out of reach of others. After his death, all the subjects agreed to leave the castle and all of its treasures alone. Nobody has ever gone back to reclaim the riches.

To this day, Nubea remains lost in the clouds. Its distance from most civilazation has protected it in many ways. The few who happen to ever find it rarely have the courage to step into its doors, leaving it untouched. Nubea will forever be the lost castle in the clouds.

Victoria H.