Nubiginyng [nyoo-bee-ginn-eeng] is the 11th planet from the star XJ2395.  Approximately 102,321,321 km from the center of the Rebeluton galaxy, XJ2395 and its orbiting neighbors are compiled of more than 60 planets; according to astrologists from the Outer Life Organization (OLO). Known for being the densest planet in its solar system, it is also the 7th largest when compared to its orbiting neighbors.

            Nubiginyng formed approximately 6.23 billion years ago, making it the 10th oldest planet within the others orbiting XJ2395. Due to Nubiginyng’s 10-mile-thick ice sheets covering its crust, it shows the historical capability that it once had to support extra-terrestrial life forms. Life forms that survived in the aquatic world were much larger than those on Earth. Since water takes up more than 95% of the world at the time of the highest peak of living life forms, land life forms were wiped out before evolution could take place. The atmosphere and oceans formed on this planet by volcanic activity which included water vapor. Most of this volcanic activity had created various giant mountain ranges. The oceans were made from condensation from water and have been delivered by asteroids, planets, and comets.

   Research from OLO has determined that within one hundred Earth years, Nubiginyng and its solar system experiences over 20 planet-related collisions. Significantly altering the planet’s orbital paths, these collisions are what may have shifted Nubiginyng’s conditions. Being a once life providing water world, Nubiginyng’s future will, and will continue, shifting its path due to the collision tendencies that the solar system experiences every century.  Estimates on how much longer the planet will continue to remain in orbit is approximately 23.5 million years, according to astrologists from OLO. Although the chances of another collision with Nubiginyng is fairly high, the end of the planet will discontinue due to XJ2395’s fading future. By the time XJ2395 becomes a red giant, and eventually becoming a white dwarf, the expanding sun will eventually take all of its planets with it.