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O.G. Man

O.G. Man (Real Name Unknown) is a fictional character, a superhero in comic’s universe. The superhero character was created, developed, and designed by Onkar Grewal. He first appeared on the scene on September 21, 2011.

A normal everyday person, student and innovator, O.G. man suffered being the underdog in everything. This is where he got his superhero powers. He creates energy from anyone thinking or saying that he cannot achieve, or perform up to expectations. Through his school San Jose State University O.G. Man has created many different ways to conquer his opponents. With the help of the Engineering department O.G. Man has created a suit with many gadgets. He is very stealthy and only comes out in life and death situations because his schoolwork has him tied down. So he keeps his superhero abilities limited.

Like wolverine, O.G. man also possesses the super fast healing process that wolverine has which also slows down the aging process, enabling him to live longer and healthier. The only drawback to this unique ability is that he must fill his diet plan with organic foods, and stay away from soda. He is most often depicted as rolling solo, and being a person that keeps to him self. Although he has been involved with teams and other superheroes he has remained top secret.

O.G. Mans powers come from being told that he cannot complete a task or that he is not good enough. Once he has been told or talked about enough, he can harness his energy and use any superpower in his arsenal. He possesses all the super powers ever created with the right amount of energy. Although it takes a long time for him to gain his power once he receives it bad guys do not stand a chance. O.G. man doesn’t tend to be spotted a lot because people do not speak of him often, but when people do you can catch him keeping your neighborhood safe.