Oath Centre Edit

The place is Oath Centre of Mars. The place was constructed in 2040, four years after successful human settlement on Mars. New immigrants arrive every 12 months to settle on Mars. New immigrants go through oath ceremony in front of the Statue of  New Beginning. The statues symbolize the successful settlement of humans on Mars. The two human form exhibits through statues are first two human who survived first manned mission to Mars in 2026.    Statues are not ordinary statues; they are the master computer of whole Oath Centre. Due to lack of human power most of the immigration work is computerized.

During oath ceremony immigrants that want to settle in North part raises right hand and people that plans to settle in south raises left hand. After an oath new immigrants one by one insert there hands inside the shoe like structure and a small chip is inserted into there skin which carries identification number and date of entry into Mars, parts they will be living in and other important stuff about them. 

It is already 70 years since human first colonized on Mars, since then every year 50 to 60 human come to Mars to start a new beginning. The process is not easy, their is a long qualification list which every human has to met before immigrating to Mars. After new immigrants enter Mars orbit until seven days they go through medical and physical checkup, unless all results are positive they are not allowed to take an oath in Oath Centre.