The Obelisk is an armored transport vehicle developed and produced by the Marauder Motor Corporation in Israel. Originally designed for Military use, independent benefactors eventually invested enough interest for the vehicle to enter the public market.

The Obelisk carries a curb weight of 22 tons, while boasting 70 inches of ground clearance. Powered by an outsourced and reengineered 120 liter, air-cooled, diesel RRJH7500 engine from a Pershing tank, the Obelisk effectively produces 2000 pound feet of torque. The Obelisk is only available in a short wheelbase 6x6 format, which allows for high-angle turn radius – ultimately maximizing its mobility and maneuverability. Cruising speed is limited to around 70 mph with a range of 700 miles. Marauder offers an add-on package with a higher capacity 1000 gallon fuel tank for long hauls. Climbing potential is increased via the use of individual planetary gears on each of the 6 wheels’ axles, and

Emphasis is placed on the vehicle’s armor and protection levels by implementing a triple layer, Maruader patented “HardShell” structure. 2 inch thick steel is machined out of a single large block to form the Obelisk’s hull, enabling absolute ordinance protection of small arms fire from any range. The underside of the vehicle is further reinforced with 4 inches of steel, capable of withstanding 10,000 pounds of explosives.

While Marauder primarily sells the Obelisk to military agencies in the Middle East, as of 2011, 150 vehicles have been sold to civilians. Most recently, U.S. politician Anthony Weiner became a customer in an effort to raise his personal defense levels for undisclosed reasons.

Written by Eric X. for COMM 100W