Obureyn is a planet in the Factodiol-3 system.  Obureyn is the 2nd planet in the Factodiol-3 system and is just below the size of Earth at 5.96213 × 1024 kilograms.  Obureyn’s climate is akin to that of Earth due to the distance from the dwarf star in the Factodiol-3 system.  Obureyn is half land and half water.  The land is 80% barren, 10% forested, and 10% alien cities.  Obureyn’s atmospheric composition is equal to that of Earth aside from the 5% larger quantity of oxygen.  Obureyn is one light year from Earth. 

Obureyn is home to the alien species known as Samsungians.  Samsungians are of half metallic half plastic composition leading to a short lifespan of three to six years.  Samsungians use their deceased as building blocks for their cities.  Samsungians only build cities far away from water, due to their hyper allergic state to said water.  Samsungians’ composition is highly valuable due to its ability to change into different systems such as technical viewing machines, factory assembly lines, and walls that are protective enough to withstand the weather of Obureyn.  Samsungians’ current attitude and political standpoint toward Earth is peaceful.  Earthen companies are currently selling Samsungians, who agree to these purchases (normally the elderly Samsungians), to the people of Earth as technical viewing machines.  Earth’s current attitude toward the Samsungians is neutral.  There have been talks of a hostile takeover of Obureyn in the UN.  These talks were quickly dismissed when the knowledge that Samsungians can change form into weapons at any given time was discovered.