The Octobat has 8 legs and a pair of black wings.  It either flies or rests on tree branches during the day and sleeps in the ocean at night.  Its body comes in a wide variety of colors, but mostly in blue, yellow, purple, and red.  It was first discovered in 1915 on the Bahama Island Cococay.   Nikolai Przhevalsky a Russian explorer was the first to discover the species while resting on the beach looking at the clear blue sky.  He described this rare like creature as an octopus with bat wings.  Later they were also seen on the Caribbean Islands and in some parts of Hawaii.

These creatures have the ability to fly long distances to hunt for food.   They are not carnivores instead they are herbivores.  Octobats mainly eat berries, nuts, leaves, grass, flowers and bananas.  These species are not aggressive toward other animals unless their space is invaded.   

These very unique looking creatures usually fly in pairs and mate at night underwater.  Octobats can have eight to ten offsprings at one time.  The mother is extremely protective of her young ones until they are around one months old.  The father is the one that hunts for food and brings it back to his offspring.

The average lifespan of an Octobat is nine years.  They are usually between two to three pounds, so this enable them to generate speed about 100 miles per hour.  This helps them protect themselves against predators.  

Many are afraid that these beautiful creatures will soon be extinct, since Octobats are now starting to become a delicacy in many countries especially in Japan.  


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