Octoman (Awk - Toe - Man)Edit


The horrific and treacherous creature has been living in the coastal depths of the Pacific Ocean. Octoman was first seen in the early 1920's near Santa Cruz' Beach Boardwalk where the creature had eaten 25 sea lions ( September 27, 1921). Today, there are still sightings of Octoman, who can come on shore, and has attempted to attack all pets. The creature has a head in resemblance to a middle-aged man, four arms and four legs to help consume his victims. The body of Octoman is 11 ft. tall while his tentacles are eight ft. long each. Octoman has been known to come onto land during the late hours of the day (at sundown) while he scavenges for young animals. Octoman prefers to eat human’s pets, as those are the animals that have been taken care of the best and taste better. In 1987, abduction took place on West Cliff drive in Santa Cruz, Ca... Octoman was seen coming on shore and stealing a young female child and bringing her back to his den in the ocean. Myths have said that the young girl is still living at the bottom of the ocean with powers to survive. Those powers would have been given from Octoman and can be taken away if he ever decides to give her back.


Octoman is the only one of his kind. There have been no other sightings of Octomen throughout time. Octoman was created when an old sailor was stuck in the Pacific Ocean and was attacked by an octopus. The octopus had a strange reaction to the fisherman fallowing consumption, causing Octoman to come to form. The goal is for Octoman not to spread his kind along the coast as it has held a lot of worry from residents surrounding their pets and young children.