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Some may say they are mean, ugly, and terrifying beasts that find pleasure in feasting on small children. While it has been said that older humans have also been eaten by them they are more specifically drawn to children and infants. Something that is interesting about ogres is that parents have used the terrifying ideas of the ogre to scare their children into listening. While others may say they are good hearted. These ogres are said to roam in swampy areas where the forest hides them from any interaction from other species (unless they can eat them). Several people say that ogres have a huge appetite and is another reason why they should be avoided at all cost. Most people suggest that they are ruthless and to stay away from them at all cost because once they have their sight on you, there is no hope to be saved.


There have been many stories written about these terrifying ogres. Many say that some have horns, while other have never ending amounts of hair. It has been told that they are extremely disproportionate and wreak of a wretched odor that you can smell from far away. Some say they only come in shades of green however this was disproven when they were said to be seen in colors such as white, blue, black, pink, and brown. While it is said that their looks are hideous there was one that sparked the love interest of a human.   

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There is only one said case of an ogre that was friendly with outside species. This specific ogre that is said to go by the name of Shrek was said to only prefer his solitude yet falls in love with a princess named Fiona. It has been gathered that only princesses and donkeys are species that may be able to build a friendship or relationship with an ogre. Some people claim that Fiona and Shrek are still together to this day however even though Shrek has changed and is more pleasant people continue to think he is dangerous.

Love's True Form

Love's True Form

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