Emperor Ojo de Aguila

Ojo de Aguila (born March 12, 1224, Gua, Xioteca, Mexico), an Aztec warrior who led a small army through the swamps of Kowa, Xioteca, Mexico to overthrow Emperor Conejo Negro of Kowa. The expedition was known as Rescate Ojo de Tecolote (1244-1247), to rescue his father and the people of Kowa that where being oppressed, enslaved and sacrifice by its ruler during his reign (1202-1247).

Ojo de Aguila at age 2 was found in the middle of the road strapped to a horse void of life by a wealthy merchant named Ojo de Tecolote(born in the nobility class of Gua in May 19, 1190). The merchant was well known for his fighting abilities in the Gua’s Army and his curse to never have children of his own. After finding the boy, he got on his knees and prayed, thanked the Gods for their gift, and named him after the Aguila God, Ojo de Aguila. He would than teach the boy the arts of war. At age 20 his father was enslaved by Emperor Conejo Negro when the province of Gaia was overtaken by his army. Ojo de Aguila mustered an army of 1,000 strong Gua men and marched to Kowa. On the path to the city of Kowa, ribal tribes joined his cause to defeat the Emperor. With an army of 22,000 men and three years of warfare, he overthrew the Emperor. With unsurpassed heroism and leadership he was crown Emperor Ojo de Aguila of Kowa(1247-1299). His legacy is celebrated 713 years later by indigenous tribes in Chiapas, Mexico through ritual battles, dances, and songs.