Olivia Violeta Rousseau-Rubio (Born October 17,1912- April 9, 1973) was a famous Spanish artist, fashion designer, philanthropist,and daughter of famous painter Francisco Rubio. Following her father’s footsteps, Olivia Violeta attended Université de Paris, most prestigious art-design school in the world.


Born in Barcelona, Spain and only child to famous painter Francisco Rubio and Isabel Rubio, Olivia Violeta became the most influential and well-recognized women in the 70’s. Olivia was the founder of Characterism art, described as person or object in which features are overly exaggerated looking almost cartoon-like. Her most famous piece includes her 1943 art piece “You are Strong”, said to motivate women to keep strong while husbands battled WWIII. According to the Art Media Agency, an Olivia Violeta painting retails to approximately $252 million, surpassing her father Francisco Rubio, making it the most expensive painting as of 2014.

While attending Le Paris Université, Olivia Violeta met famous French designer, Theodore Rousseau III. On May 10, 1945, Olivia and Theodore married in Madrid, Spain. With Theodore’s fashion expertise and Olivia’s artsy imagination, in 1950 the famous Spaniard-French couple combined their skills and released their first clothing line “Fashion Art”. The collection consisted of purses, shoes, and clothing. Olivia illustrated the design and Theodore designed the clothing products.

Olivia Violeta Rousseau resigned in Paris, France until her death on April 9,1973, for unknown reasons. Olivia and Theodore had no children. In 1974, Olivia Violeta's net worth was estimated to be $4 million.

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