The great Olympic Lawn was a memorial created in the early 1900’s in honor of the Olympic athletes that died. It is believed that Olympic Lawn holds magical powers in helping you gain gold medals in multiple events. It all started with the athlete known as Bernicles Sanders whom visited Olympic Lawn in the year 1944. Bernicles had come to pray and marvel at the statues greatness. Although he was an Olympic athlete he knew he could not beat his opponents, for they were very strong. After praying to the Olympic Lawn memorial he left for London where the Olympics were being held. Bernicles came back to San Jose with six gold medals in gymnastics. He was almost certain that he got his good fortune from the Olympic Lawn. So, Bernicles went back to the memorial one more time before the Olympics in 1948 and prayed again. It was another successful Olympics he had come back with eight gold medals. Bernicles retired after that year, but told his method of success to his close friends Hillary Clintonis and Donaldus Trumpus. They were both pretty skeptical about the powers of the Olympic Lawn so they leaked the information to other countries to see if it would work. The following Olympics those countries that Hillary and Donaldus told had won a good amount of medals for their countries. Alas the lore was true. For the next couple Olympics, different countries were making voyages to Olympic Lawn as if it was the mecca for Olympic athletes. Bernicles was furious that the information came out, but it was only time that would eventually let his secret come out. So now every time the Olympics is being held, thousands of Olympic athletes come to pray for good fortune in the hope of gaining gold medals.