Oracle 2

The Oracle 2 is a 38-megapixel micro-camera that operates within the user’s eyeball that was first announced by Neyekon on April 1, 2018. The camera features built-in environmental scanning, GPS, and data-communicating capabilities that allows the user to better interpret their surroundings.

Installation Process

Much consideration must be taken beforehand to decide if in-eye camera technologies is right for the user. The surgical procedure is highly invasive as it involves a large incision to be taken straight down the middle of the cornea. Before the camera is placed, micro-circuitry is slipped through and soldered to the user’s retinal strands so that information may be passed along to the brain. After the camera is placed, it is carefully calibrated before the cornea is sealed back together. Recovery process requires at least two weeks avoiding bright light.

Uses Today

After the second Korean War between the United States and North Korea, national leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un both declared it as martial law that all men, women, and children living within these two territories are to have the Oracle 2 implemented into their eyeballs by 2020.

Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have already had the Oracle 2 installed. On the contrary, social movements are quickly arising that are protesting the use of these in-eye technologies. These movements are labeling the Oracle 2 as inhumane and an invasion on the user’s privacy. With the landscape very much torn both for and against such technologies, many altercations between both sides riddle the inner-streets of major cities such as Boston, Washington, Seattle, and San Jose. 

  -Nathaniel Agot-