The Orb of Purple Edit

In the year 3000, the Russian government built a space shuttle dedicated to traveling and collecting items in outer space. Their mission was to land on planet Wasabi and retrieve the “Orb of Purple”. The orb was once a rock on planet Wasabi, until an asteroid collided into the planet. Its effects reconfigured the rock’s chemistry, and turned it into an orb that emits a purple light. After retrieving the “Orb of Purple”, scientists had discovered that having certain earth metals coming into contact with it will cause a spark. The contacting metal will emit a purple glow for three seconds. During those three seconds, everyone that sees the light dies. An unknown phenomenon occurs when they die under this condition. Their bodies never decay. The corpses that remain are left in the exact state in which they saw the light. Their eyes are still open. Their skin is still soft. Their hair still moves in the wind. Scientists have long studied the condition that the purple light produces. While their results are largely inconclusive, their findings continue to perplex. When a person enters the same environment with their eyes closed, they are immune from any effects the light produces. Three Russian astronaut lives have been claimed by this effect. Researchers find it difficult to obtain more information from the orb because the dangers it poses. When a robot is used in place of a human, similar difficulties arise. Image receptors such as cameras become destroyed when the purple light shines at it. Until researchers develop a way to study the light without seeing it, the “Orb of Purple” will continue to remain a mystery.