The Liberty Bell is said to be the ‘chime that changed the world’ and is currently on display at 6th street and Market street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having said this, the Liberty Bell is best known for the chime on July 8th, 1776 because it was a signal to the citizens to gather at the Independence hall to hear the first reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon. Ultimately the Liberty Bell has resided in Philadelphia ever since, but the public is unaware that the original Liberty Bell was transported from Philadelphia, PA to San Jose, CA in December of 1777. The government decided to hide the transportation of the Bell because they feared it would further be tampered with. According to historical reports, hoodlums and thieves of Philadelphia who honored the Red Coats (Britain) were constantly vandalizing the Bell. They even went as far as cracking the Bell; that is why the Bell has a 24.5 inch crack down its side.

With this in mind, the Bell that is in Philadelphia is a replica of the original Liberty Bell which now resides in the middle of San Jose State University’s campus. Having said this, the city of San Jose was established on November 29, 1777, 1 year after the historic ring of the Bell. With this in mind, the government decided to hide the Liberty Bell in the country’s newest western city because they were known for a strong law enforcement and could provide additional security for this historic American symbol.