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Often considered as one of the most beautiful cross-dressing lesbians /bisexuals, Brigadier Oscar François de Jarjayes is admired by many of the court ladies. Her father, General Jarjayes, could not have his son. He decided to raise his youngest daughter, Oscar, as a boy to success. She learned fencing, horse riding, and medieval combat. Oscar often practiced her skills with André Grandier, who was the grandson of Oscar’s nanny. They spent much of their time together from their early years.

Later, Oscar became the commander of the Royal Guard for Marie Antoinette and the royal family. André also joined her as a companion for the safety of the royal family. At the Palace, Marie had spent money on jewelry, attire, and parties to enjoy, though most people in France were suffering from poverty. In order to cover her spending, heavier taxation was imposed, which caused the tension among people throughout France. On May 5th in 1789, États généraux, a legislative assembly of the different classes of French, took place, but the members could not come to an agreement. On July 13th, Oscar received marching orders to Paris. André told her that he would follow the orders as well and support her. Oscar, who knew that André loved her for a long time, finally accepted André, vowed eternal love, and spent the first night with him on the day before the departure to Paris. During heavy fighting in Paris, André got shot in front of Oscar. When André saw Oscar looking at his wound and crying, he asked her why she was crying and said that he could not die for their future. Then, he died. Soon after that, Oscar also got shot and killed.

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