In spring 2050, Aria Wyatt daughter of Billionaire fashion designer Hedi Wyatt created what is known as Outfit in a Can. The Outfit in a Can began developing in Africa and moved to the US for marketing and packaging. It has been reported that the Wyatt family spend over 30 million dollars developing this product for their only child.This object is said to have revolutionized not only the fashion world but the everyday world. This can possesses the ability of spraying on any desired outfit you from her mothers extensive clothing and shoe line. Each can is designed to spray up to twelve complete outfits, which last up twelve hours each. Sold online and in stores the Wyatt business has reported a 40 percent growth in their company thus far.

Ever since this new product hit the market there has been countless clothing lines attempting to duplicate the Outfit in a Can but have all failed. It is being said that Wyatt’s team of scientist created a formula with a secret element known to have come from a dinosaurs saliva. This saliva is available to only the Wyatt’s due to there fifty year research facility dedicated to the study and extract of dinosaur fossils. Outfit in a Can continues to show success by the countless out of stock signs all over stores. Outfit in a Can is high in demand amongst mothers, fashionistas and even men mainly due their affordable cost of only 100 gold coins.

-Nathalie Figueroa