Pancracio was a Chilean scientist. Pancracio was born in the city of Valparaiso Chile on February third 1948. His family suffered from extreme poverty forcing him to drop out of school and sell fish with his father in the streets of the city. In 1958, while selling fish, he had the opportunity to meet the Argentinian physician Ernesto “Che “ Guevara, who had a profound impact on him and encouraged him to teach himself science. At the age of fourteen his was already known around the country as one of the brightest scientist and many accredit him with the creation of the Chupacabras. On 1965, he moved to Florida California where he was able to develop the Apollo 11 spaceflight mission from his basement, but was never giving the credit for it because he was working illegally. After a successful six-year space career, he returned to Chile to follow his life long dream of being a figure skater. He won five Olympic medals and became the single most awarded athlete in the history of the country. Pancracio the great died at the age of forty on May third 1988 from a cocaine overdose. The overdose prompted politicians to erase his name from the history books in order to portray a positive image of the country during the war on drugs.