Paradashia was once a city located 5 miles east of Greenland in our northern hemisphere. Paradashia is a Greek word meaning “paradise”. This city was discovered by a European man named Adkins Crawford in 1921. Paradashia was a mini paradise to many. This city was filled with beautiful palm trees and warm weather. This city was mostly known because of its exotic scenery and the residents living there were always happy. Paradashia was often referred to as the perfect city. In this city there was an abundance of helpful services that pampered everyone’s needs. Unfortunately not everyone was allowed to enjoy the accommodations of this city. The two biggest requirements to be a resident in this city were that you had to be wealthy and only Caucasians could lived there.

This peaceful city soon began to have its own enemies who wanted so bad to enjoy the beauty of Paradashia. The EFE (Equality for Everyone) group wanted to create the opportunity for everyone to be able to enter this amazing city. One day in the middle of the dark night the EFE decided to bomb this beautiful city, they had tried many times to persuade the governor Diana Moore to make Paradashia open to everyone but she never agreed. This battle was called The Palm Tree Revolution it lasted 2 months and ended in May 1994. This battle was so violent because the EFE group decided that if they couldn’t enjoy this beautiful city then no one should either. Sadly there were no survivors and even Paradashia was completely destroyed. Today there are no remains of this city, however; scientists have proven that the palm trees that we see on beaches or anywhere else have come from Paradashia. Multiple tests have shown the same traits that confirm that Palm trees came from this paradise city. Pictures of the famous palm trees of Paradashia can be found in the Crawford Museum in Europe. Even though Paradashia no longer exists, we can still enjoy the beautiful palm trees that once covered this land.