Paradise Island

Historical Discovery of Paradise Island:


A surfer named Rome Erickson discovered Paradise Island on Jan 4, 2012. Erickson was suffering in Kauai, the fourth largest island of Hawaii when he was hit by enormous waves that pulled him far away from Kauai. Erickson was unconscious for 3 days before he realized he was on an island that was breath taking.  Erikson was the first person to step foot on Paradise Island.


Tourism is Paradise’s largest industry. In 2012, after it was discover by Rome Erickson, 107,989 visited Paradise. The largest groups to visit Paradise are the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The one major resort in Paradise employs 60% of the island’s population.

Important Tourism Information:

The best time to visit is year round. Paradise Island is in the middle of the equator which makes the climate unbelievable amazing. There is no other island that has this time of weather. The island is very protective and secured. Rome Erickson is in charge that comes in and out of the island. In order to visit Paradise Island, one has to fill out a form on After being accepted into the island, Erickson sends the proper documents and reservation instructions. The current currency is American Money. The language spoken throughout the entire island is currently English.


The best part of the island is the natural beauty. The sand all around the island is white and soft. The water is clear and warm year round. The people are nice and extremely helpful.  


Paradise Island has an area of 413.7 square miles.

Population: 8,013

Average Temperature: 82 degrees

Erik Gonzalez