In the Pacific Ocean just west of Hawaii there lies a one-hundred square mile region of the sea, home to one of the most exotic creatures on earth. Parthenerou, Greek for “Water Maiden.” The sea dwellers are a class all on their own. Similar to the fictional mermaid the Parthenerou have all the physical characteristics of a typical female human with three exceptions. The first is that they have twelve gills along each side of their ribcage that allow them to breath under water. The second is their ability to expand and retract the skin between their hands and the third is their finlike feet that also can retract into a typical human foot. It’s these subtle differences and drastic similarities that make them one of the most stunning creatures of the sea.

Their size can vary anywhere from five to ten feet and while length signifies power they all retain a high sense of equality and camaraderie. They usually swim in schools of four to six and create very tight knit group that will stay together for a lifetime, which can be up to one-thousand years. Although they swim in schools the species itself is very collective as there are approximately only one-hundred and fifty to two-hundred in the ocean at any given time.

                The most interesting characteristic the Parthenerou possess however, is their ability to communicate with thoughts and only thoughts. Not only can they communicate with each other this way but they can actually pass on the quality to other species they wish to communicate with at any given moment in time. It’s this quality that makes them one of the most intelligent species on earth.Edit