The Party Olympics is an organized gathering for colleges across the globe where many drinking games are held to find the best of the best from each school. The event is held every 28 of January. This event began in 2000 at San Jose State University. This event was founded from 20 students who wanted to see which house can handle how much. These students prefer to be unidentified but believed it was a bonding experience within other students. The games are usually a weeklong event that is held at a Greek House which hosts the event. Teams are categorized from which Fraternity/Sorority they may be a part of. Teams consist of 6.

Games played consist of Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Civil War, Murder Ball, Quarters and many more. Each player must compete in at least 2 events. If he or she does not, the team is than disqualified. Teams must have Greek letters on outfits and must be matching. Any Team found not complying with these rules will be disqualified. Referees are voted on a special process and must be from individuals not affiliated with Greek Life. These referees are usually students from nearby schools.

There will be as many rounds to satisfy each participating house. To move onto the next round, each team must win a set of 3 games in each round. There is also a wild card round where houses that did not make it will be entered into a hat for random choosing. The House that wins the event will have $5,000 given to their philanthropy as well as bragging right for a year.