A man named John was training to be a navy seal and had the enthusiasm to become one, but that is not all that is required. To become a navy seal, a person has to have good stamina, be able to do calisthenics and be able to solve problems right away. John stood at 6’3 with weighting around 250 pounds, so he was definitely a good candidate to be a seal. But there were so many other conflicts that stopped him from becoming one. One was that his vision was predominately bad and he has a really weak eardrum that disqualifies him right away. But that did not hold John back because of his passion for being a seal and past family history. On august 23rd, 2006 he started to train for the buds program where he became stronger by the day and showed the true colors of a warrior. He completely changed his diet and started to see improvement by the day. Finally after 3 months of intense training to become something that you value more than your life has finally come is an exemplifying day. John went to talk to the navy professional, where he was signed up and was flown to San Diego for training. The next six months were hell for John because even though he had already trained for it before, but miscalculated how far the trainee are willing to push you to your limits. Sergeant Mike was the first person that interacted with John and truly tested his capabilities to the fullest. At the end John did make it and showed that true passion and dedication can take you a long way and that you should not let failure defeat you.