Patrick Scott was born on November 13, 1992 in Santa Rosa, to parents Laura and Tom Scott. Laura Scott was an investment banker and Tom Scott was a web-developer who together made an upper middle class income. Patrick attended high school at Santa Rosa Private where he gained the interest in Japanese. He enrolled in Santa Rosa State University in 2009 where he majored in Linguistics with a Minor in Japanese.

After graduating from Santa Rosa State University in 2013, Patrick spent a year traveling the world where he visited Japan, Cambodia, Australia, France, and Britain. Patrick spent time at each country meeting with known and respected linguistics experts at Prestigious schools and institutions.

Upon returning home in 2014 Patrick returned to Santa Rosa State University to teach a newly developed course, World Linguistics. He taught at Santa Rosa State University for 2 years. In that time he won the Santa Rosa Best Professor award, the Bay Area Professor of the decade, and a Pulitzer Prize for the scholarly journal he published in 2015 titled “Language in the past, present, and future of Earth”.

On February 25, 2016, Patrick announced to the world that he was leaving education and “setting his sights on broader horizons”. On March 2nd, he announced that he was forming an organization with many of the Linguistics experts he had met over the years, titled “The United Nations of Linguistics”, an organization that would oversee all language development and maintenance of 15 nations. Their mission statement is “To unify language so that the world can communicate effectively and create a better world for future generations”.