Paul Moral

Paul Moral is a famous chocolate maker. He is one of the best chocolate makers in the world. Moral struggled throughout his childhood; however he was able to become a famous chocolate maker. He is the founder of MIEL Chocolate INC. MIEL Chocolate INC has been one of the best successful chocolate companies.

Paul Moral was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in August 4, 1947. His parents were John Moral and Mary Moral. He was the oldest of five children. Moral lived in poverty. He and his family lived in a small house with one bedroom. Paul went to school and after school he would help his father work in the field. After working, they would go home and Paul would help his mom make his favorite chocolates. When Paul was seven his father passed away and three months after his mother passed away as well. He was alone in charge of his little brothers and sisters. Paul continued working his father’s land and raising his brothers and sisters. Paul continued making the chocolates that his mother would make. After graduating from high school, Paul opened his own business. He opened a small store where he sold all of the chocolates that his mother made. The business was a total success. The demand for the chocolates was immense that Paul had to open a bigger store. Soon after, he created his own factory and opened several MIEL stores around the United States and the world. MIEL is an acronym of the names of Paul’s brothers and sisters. M is for Martha, I is for Isa, E is for Ernest, and L is for Louis. He always cared for his family. He also created his bestselling chocolate in memory of his mom, which is a milk chocolate filled with honey. This chocolate is the company’s best seller.

Paul continues to grow his company. He is taking his chocolates to various countries around the world.