Peace Pillar at SJSU

The peace pillar next to the tower bell at San Jose State University is a good luck charm for students to use to pass test and exams. You can find students sitting on the lawn next to the pillar studying for a test hoping that the good luck from the pillar will translate to them. Student at San Jose State University for decades would touch the pillar before they would take their finals hoping that it would give them good luck on their exam. Over time students would start to make it a ritual to sit on the lawn next to the pillar to study hoping that the good luck charm would rub off on them. During finals you would see the whole area around the pillar with students study hoping to get some luck for their exams. It was originally a pillar that people would touch to get good luck before they took the test. Now it has evolved into much more. The walkway in that area is unusually completely blocked off so other students can't walk through so people are now starting to complain about not being able to walk through the area to the dean of the university. If you look closely at the pillar you would see a ton of signatures on it. Those signatures are from students that thank the pillar for helping them pass there exams. The amount of names on the pillar shows that many students throughout the years believe that the pillar will give you good luck if you touch it or just be around it. 

Tony Tran