Peace Pole

The peace pole was put in to place on October 2nd 2015 on the San Jose State campus to commemorate the late alumni Mahatma Gandhi. The pole stands five feet tall and is white with black lettering. It was put in place by the justice studies department of San Jose State.


Gandhi was a student during 1990-1994 where he introduced his own curriculum to the university, he founded the religious justice studies in the summer of 1993 and has become a field of study ever since. The pole was placed in a position where people say he meditated every morning at exactly eight in the morning for an hour. As a student he founded the national aid club. He formed a group of enthusiastic students who wanted to help disaster relief victims worldwide. This club aided by sending students in the medical field to help with giving vaccinations and providing basic health check ups and diagnosis in countries where these services are scarce. After going abroad himself and seeing how much help was needed he felt a deep obligation to help further. After listening to the disheartening stories of those facing famine and inequalities he learned about the deeper issues they are facing. Soon after realizing that this was exactly what he wanted to do, he went on to lead international marches against injustices. Learning from earlier education he knew violence would not solve the disrespectful and foul treatment, he knew violence would only add fuel to the fire so he made it clear he was fighting with non-violence resistance. 

By: Octavio Moreno