The pole of Peace and Prosperity was giving to San Jose State by civil rights activist in the late 1960s. It is a symbol of unity and a reminder that we are all created equally. Before the pole was planted in our school fifty something years ago there was allot of prejudice and discrimination going on in our society. Everything seemed chaotic but it needed to be so that everyone could see the injustices that were going on. Slowly we began to progress towards a better and more united society, however fifty years later we are still progressing. It may seem that our society hasn’t changed yet it has and even though there are moments that seem like we’ve hit a halt our  journey still has a few miles to go.The pole of Peace and Prosperity is there so that we don’t get off track it is to keep us focused so that we can  finish what we began years ago. Whenever we feel hopeless and begin to lose faith in our community just remember that the civil rights activist never gave up, they kept fighting for equality. We need to capture the message of this powerful gift so that we can project it towards everyone around us, near and far. We need to stand together as one. We will not break we will remain firm and strong just like the pole has remained all these years. We have to so that our world can finally be free of hate and oppression.

- Jazmin Sanchez