Green Pearmelon is a fruit vine that is thought to have originated from Southeast Asia. The fruit is unique in its texture, the inside is grainy similar to Asian pears but coated with a thin yellow rind.  When ripe the pearmelon can range from two to three kilograms. (Approximately four to six pounds) It was told, by locals (in Southeast Asia) that the pearmelon was only served to the royals in the 18th century.  Since the fruit was uniquely crossed between a pear and a watermelon, the melon was always devoured in its natural form. Because of its unique nature, some countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia hold annual festivals during harvest seasons.

The most popular pearmelon festival is held in Thailand. On the day of the pearmelon festival, the melons are collected by the royals, slice meticulously, and redistributed to the all residences.

However, nowadays the fruit is available to everyone. The pearmelon is now commonly found throughout all of Asia and can be bought off local fruit carts. The melon is now enjoyed in various forms, popsicles, juice, shaved ice, and even smoothies.