The Pendamere is an object that takes the form of a mirror, yet functions as a means of time travel to either past or future eras.  The Pendamere was invented in 2035 by astrophysicist Adelide Rainswater, who discovered a method of bending the space- time fabric of the universe.  Rainswater was the first astrophysicist to use gamma ray surges to create a stable wormhole.  The Pendamere is used as the entrance to the wormhole, which allows the traveler to leave his present time period and travel to another time period.  Pendemeres are generally bean-shaped and contain a dial attached to the backside.  This dial allows the traveler to choose which time period he wishes to enter. Once the user has selected a time era, he steps into the Pendamere and is transported to his destination.  Travel time through this device is limited to 1000 years BC and 7000 years AD. Depending on length of time traveled, the transportation process may take from ten seconds to one hour.

In the year 2036, only five Pendameres were manufactured worldwide.  For the first two years after its invention, scientists and physicists performed multiple experiments testing possible harmful side effects of time travel. In 2037, the Pendamere was released for sale to the public.  Scientists require that users wear gamma-proof vests while traveling, so as to eliminate any damage to blood cells during the time-travel process.  Further research has proven that regular use of the Pendamere may delay the aging process.  Today, the Pendamere is a common object that can be found in forty percent of homes worldwide.