Perfectville has a population of 500,000 and is located just outside of San Diego. Perfectville was created and funded by wealthy businessman Warren Buffet after deciding to leave a large undisclosed amount of money for the construction of the “perfect city.” Perfectville is famous for having the lowest crime rate in the world, the best public education in the United States and, above all, for its role in the development of Green Technology.

Perfectville is home to some of the world’s leading green tech companies. From solar power to fuel cell technology, Perfectville is home to them all. One of the more famous inventions to come from Perfectville is Trasholine Corporation’s trasholine generator. The trasholine generator is a machine that creates fuel for vehicles by breaking down the molecules in everyday trash and re-structuring them into clean burning eco-fuel which can go twice as far and burn with zero emissions.

In addition, Perfectville homes and business are under strict energy building codes that mandate that a minimum of 95% of the energy needed to power it consist of renewable green energy sources such as wind, geothermal and solar. This was only possible because of the city’s very young age.

Residents of Perfectville are considered to be among the friendliest and they enjoy outdoor activities. They care greatly about the environment and on leaving a healthy planet behind for future generations to enjoy. In reward for their outstanding citizenship, Perfective has granted them with free usage of their product Trasholine and reimbursements on all eco-conscious products they purchase.

By: Blanka Leticia Chavez