Pestilential Castle is a medieval fortress located on top of a hill overlooking the city of Shasta, Alpine. At 35,281 square meters, this makes Pestilential one of the largest castles in the world. It was built in the late 17th century by Dr. Richard Edward, a famous psychiatrist. Dr. Edward was well known in Shasta for his work with the mentally ill in an insane asylum. Mental illness in the 17th century was still unknown due to the lack of research and resources. With a population of 87,150, people did not want to risk of any potentially dangerous and contagious diseases. In 1682, Dr. Edwards gathered enough funds to build a castle away from the city to house his patients. With 35 rooms and bathrooms he had enough space to admit patients who had symptoms of what may seem hazardous to the city.

Due to the lack of knowledge in the psychology of the brain, a lot of patients who committed violent acts were killed off in fear of any other lethal action they may take. Aside from being a large hospital, this medieval fortress was also known as a cemetery for the psychotic. As time progressed, new treatments and science emerged, helping psychiatrist like Edward have a better understanding of what is necessary in helping each individual.

Although the Pestilential Castle is no longer in use today, it remains one of Alpine’s most famous tourist attraction; accumulating over 2 million guests since it opened to the public in 1965.     

Johnny Ing