The petalpen

  The petalpen is not the typical pen; the ink consists of the color flower chosen to be planted. So if the flower is a sunflower, the exact color of the flower will be the ink within the pen.  As with a lilac, a shade of light purple will be the ink color.  All that needs to be done is plant the seeds and within the next month a petalpen will burst out of the ground.  The soil being used to plant this petalpen seed is hue soil so it can ensure the color quality of the pen.  The pen needs to be in a cup with a little bit of water to ensure its vivid color.  This product is very beneficial to those who enjoy art and like to use pens for their work.   The petalpen is six inches in length and is 3.5 ounces.  The appearance of the petalpen is the flower of choice coming out of the top of the pen and the sturdy green leaf that wraps around the stem of the pen.  When this product was initially released in 2008, the process of finalizing this product took a while because the pen ink kept turning into the opposite color of what the actual flower was. The scientists realized that there was an umbala bug that would feast inside the stem of the flower.  The problem with this bug was that the saliva of the bug turned the ink into its opposite color. Eventually the scientists resolved the issue and managed to exile the bug and keep the color consistent.  

Amanda Rashtian