San Jose State University is home to the remains of Peter Charles ll. In the 1800s, Peter was born and raised in San Jose CA by his mother; in the bell tower. At age fourteen, after the lost of his mother, he remained inside and continue to periodically ring the bell. He believed his sole purpose in life was to care for the bell tower as his mother did. Every morning, noon and midnight he will punctually ring the bell. Day in and day out he will clean the bell and made sure the sun will see it’s beauty as it rose.

It was during this time that a child went missing. The townspeople looked everywhere for this boy and came up empty handed.  The only place they didn’t look for was the bell tower. Many individuals grew suspicious of the man who lived there(Peter). They knocked at the door, but Peter did not hear because he lived at the top of the tower. The imagination of the town grew and grew as they all surmised the child was in the tower and Peter was holding him captive. Days later, two men set fire to the tower to scare Peter. Peter did the best he could to fight the fire but was overwhelmed by the growing flames. After a few minutes the fire grew out of control and the townspeople helped to put out the fire. Once the fire was contained, they found Peter’s lifeless body next to the bell.

The lost boy was later found; it turns out he got lost in the forest. It was after they found the boy the town felt horrible and gave Peter a proper burial and placed his beloved bell on his grave.