Peter Pan is believed to be a lost boy whom has the ability to fly, and can never grow up. He has long been rumored to live on the small .Peter is known as the matriarch of his gang, identified as the Lost Boys. While living on the , Peter Pan is often found socializing with, mermaids, fairies, and pirates. Every now and then, Peter is able to meet children from the outside world. When these children visit, Peter teaches them how to fly by thinking happy thoughts.

            Peter is often seen wearing a short-sleeved green tunic and tights made of cloth. He is known for his cap with a red feather, his pointy elf ears, and his vibrant red hair. He is often characterized as a careless boy, whom is extremely fearless and often smug. At times, he is forgetful and egocentric, often categorized as selfish. It has been said that Peter can not comprehend the notion that the world is not fair, repeatedly leading to him being hurt by others dishonorable actions.

Peter has many friends on the island. His best friend is long rumored to be Tinker Bell. Tinker is a fairy who is extremely jealous and protective of him. Peter’s alleged nemesis is none other than Captain Hook, whose hand Peter cut off during a fight. Captain Hook’s gang, Smee and Starkey are also considered to be Peter’s enemy. The most significant person in his life is thought to be Wendy Darling. Wendy was rumored to have taken on the roll of Peter’s mother. Peter’s never ending childhood appears to be more like an adventure, full of twist and turns, leading him on a everlasting journey.

Peter Pan

Janae Whitcomb