A Phirus is a small, infectious, encrypted voice activated virus (see virus) that attacks cell phones. Barnibus Tran in Japan discovered the first Phirus in 2011. Research on Phirus’s is cited in both Japan and China. There is no cure or solution to a phirus therefore once a cell phone has been plagued it cannot be recovered and is no longer useful to make calls, send messages or access data. It can however still play games that have been previously downloaded. The point of a Phirus is to get cell phone users to continue playing games because that is how the phirus can access the phone’s internal information. The infected files in cell phone games can spread to other games and affect other users as well.

All cell phone providers are aware of this danger but are not legally bound to report this information to their customers. Once a phone has a phirus it needs to be disposed of therefore this law benefits these companies. The source of an infected phirus is unknown and no voice recognition program can detect its whereabouts. The program for a phirus constantly changes and evolves. The creator of each phone virus cannot change or deactivate a phirus once it’s begun on its course of destruction. After a phirus is detected in 5 different phones it cannot evolve any further and is no longer active. They are short lived but dangerous and can transfer personal cell phone information to other devices and providers.