Phone Gremlins: The secret to amazing technology?      

As long as cellular phones have existed, so has speculations of beings that live inside of them and make them work. These “Phone Gremlins” are said to be microscopic in size and help the phone user do everyday tasks like call and text. Many cite the potential security concerns that these hypothetical creatures create because it is unknown whether or not the gremlins are placed into the phones by the manufacturers and cellular carriers, or if they naturally occur.

They are argued to look similar to that of the creatures of the Gremlins movie franchise, only they are said to wear metal plating to help with conductivity and the transmittal of radio waves. Little is known about their appearance because although many people are said to have dissected multiple phones in search of these phone gremlins, but to no avail. Even though there has been no conclusive evidence of said creatures, intense debates rage on in internet forums and blogs about these elusive beings.

The phone gremlin’s tasks that they perform may vary depending on who you talk to or which publication you read, but there is a general consensus that they do things that somehow assist the phone in functioning properly. Silver plated “clothing” is speculated to be worn by these gremlins, perhaps because of the metal’s highly conductive properties. They are also argued to have antennas like insects that transmit signals for features like cellular coverage and GPS.

-Pharaoh Wellons