History of the Pick of Destiny

History of the Pick of Destiny


A guitar pick that is rumuoured to grant its users "suprnatural" powers, transforming a mere mortal into a rock guitar god. It was supposedly forged by a dark wizard who was spared his life by a blacksmith. The pick was a gift was meant to aid the blacksmith in the wooing of a lady that he admired. 

Typically guitar picks are made from materials ranging from celluloid to glass to tortoise shell. Pick is short for the word plectrum. They are meant to took the place of a guitarists fingers of their picking hand (the opposite hand is called the fretting hand). Without a pick a guitarist would have to rely on his/hers fingers to produce sound from their strings. This is ok, but a pick can pluck the string faster and more efficiently than a finger. Picks come in different gauges sizes and shapes. The most popular picks are tear dropped shaped and are medium gauged. The most popular material for a guitar pick to be made of is celluloid. 

Throughout history the pick has travelled from guitar hero to guitar hero. It's whereabouts are uncertain and has been rumuoured to have been returned to Satan's mouth.