Pidledot is a rare plant that sprouts randomly around towns and neighborhoods in the game Sims 3. When this plant sprouts and matures, it produces a red flower that when it blooms, it lets out a toxic gas that can cause blight to plants near it. Its toxic gas is subtle and can only affect plants. If this plant is not plucked in time, neighboring vegetable and fruit plants will withered and die. Although the plant contains an aroma of soothing features to Sims, it can also cause Sims to nurture it, making it difficult to remove the plant. Only the Death Plant and Sims who have “Green Thumb” and “Loves the Outdoors” traits are immune to this plant’s toxic fumes. However, if Sims are at Gardening level 9, removing the plant will not be a problem. Nevertheless, there is another plant that looks like a Pidledot, but is actually just an imitation that only features the soothing aroma that can affect all Sims.

This plant was first introduced in Sims 2 Seasons Expansion Pack when it would only sprout during the Spring and withered at the start of fall. Because it was highly praised by players, Sim creators decided to make the plant permanent in Sims 3 in its release in June 2009.

Wild Plant Take Over!
The chefs in the restaurant cannot control the Pidledot invasion! Pidledots have been sprouting non-stop around the town! Have sim weed 10 Pidledot plants around the neighborhood and receive an omniplant seed.


Gardening (Sims 3)

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