There is a bug that exists in the Carribbean called a Piggerfly. It is a pig/butterfly hybrid. This creature was first sighted in Barbados in 1915. It has a similar body structure as the average butterfly with a few differences. First, a grown Piggerfly tends to be between 7 inches and 10 inches. From a distance the Piggerfly may appear to be a butterfly but when you get closer you’ll notice it has the body of a pig. It looks like a miniature pig with wings that come in a span of colors.  

Since its discovery, the Piggerfly has gained popularity and has become the national symbol for Barbados. This animal is known to thrive in warm temperatures, which could be why they have remained on this island for the past century. Their food preferences are Hibiscus flowers, popcorn, and apple pie. They are deathly allergic to pickles and pickle juice.

Piggerflies are abundant in Barbados. They are commonly used to make pigs in a blanket since they are bite sized and are very meaty.  Some suggest that this may have been where the snack, pigs in a blanket, originated. Also, they are the alleged reason behind the saying “when pigs can fly”. 

Piggerfly catching is a popular sport in Barbados. You need a license to catch Piggerflies. The best way to catch them is with a net. Be cautious if you attempt to catch them with your bare hands because they will oink and squeal until you let them go.

Iris A.