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Pikachu's are known for being a mouse-like creature that is yellow in color. It is often understood to be one of the most popular Pokémon creatures. It is exactly 0.4 meters tall and 13.2 lbs. Their pre-evolution Pokémon was discovered to be Pichu and its evolution as Raichu. It also possesses a tail that is often described as being shaped like a lightning bolt. Due to its electric powers, it is almost always classified as an electric type Pokémon with a hidden ability of a Lightning Rod and Static. However they have a weakness against ground type Pokémon where some of Pikachu’s electric moves would not affect them.


Some have found Pikachu’s to live in forests, plains, mountains and power plants. They are often described as being friendly and relatively easy to maintain. Many have seen them travel in groups or packs but is not usually territorial. They often live in forests and thus there have been reports of them eating berries as their source of food though they have been seen to tolerate human food as well. Pikachu’s have also been seen to chew on wires and telephone poles which may make them pests to some. They have been known to store electricity in their cheeks, which is often called electric sacs and is red in color.


Though some may think of it as being small in size, people have said that they can be quite strong in power. Its electric powers include thunder shock, thunderbolt, thunder etc. Some believe that Pikachu’s most powerful attack is the volt tackle. The volt tackle attacks with a power of 120 and with 100% accuracy according to statistics. It is often said that the volt tackle is able to paralyze some. Pikachu is commonly said to have attacks that are quite fast and is able to run fast as well.

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