A Venus size planet, planet 8743 was discovered summer of 2070. The planet proved to be earth like with living organisms of its own. In the year 2100, thirty years after the planet was discovered the human race sent a spaceship to the planet in order to start a new civilization. An alien civilization, called Deltrons occupied the planet. Deltrons shared similar characteristics, however they were not of human flesh but made up of other properties.

Prestigious scientists from the University of Berkeley, Yale and Harvard spent their life's work gathering data of Deltron society functions and interactions. They are created by a Queen robot who cloned them alike in form. With the hopes of building an improved species scientists from NASA successfully produced the perfect DNA in order to clone humans with super abilities. When the scientist arrived into the cloning facilities in planet 8743, the systems were overridden to produce human clones. 

Upon arrival, those in the first spaceship, were greeted and welcomed into the society of Deltron. The aliens were programmed to fulfill a request then were programmed to walk back to the base where they were reprogrammed to accept a new request. After settling into the new planet, humans rebuilt a stronger society who were sent back to earth to start the process of rehabilitation. 

Today, earth is able to sustain life again, with a new and improved human race the future for humans will continue for many more centuries to come.