Goldy Nut Nugget

The planet Goldy Nut Nugget is the fifth plant in the X-2 galaxy.  It is located 27 light years away from planet Earth. Astronomer Curious George was on a mission to check out the depth of space when he came across the planet, Goldy Nut Nugget.  When George came back, he described to the scientist that he had seen a planet made of pure gold. Goldy Nut Nugget is made of pure gold and some mountains of diamond according to the pictures taken by George’s super high technology camera. Since then it has caught many people’s attention and now it is a space race to see who lands there first.

Signs of life

Scientists are now working on a way to land and discover signs of life. If no signs are found then they will remove its resources from the planet. Scientists predict that by the year 2222, they will have the first aircraft ready to head to Goldy Nut Nugget. Right now, they are in stage 2 of the building process. A lot of countries are competing to build an aircraft that will make it that far. So far there hasn’t been a lot of sign of life but scientists are still skeptical to whether or not there can be life in a planet of gold. The only signs of life are in a photo that looked like it had a strange being, but people will never know until they go and find out by themselves.