===== Recent discoveries from the International Space Station (ISS) confirmed the existence of a new planet 3.14 light years away in a newly discovered solar system. New research of the planet shows it possesses an atmosphere similar to Earth’s, and a unique cube like structure to its topography. This new discovery is closer compared to Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light years away. Scientists are able to send nanobots to survey the planet’s cube like topography. Researchers want to know if this planet’s topographical structure and atmosphere can harbor life. The Hubble space telescope has been able to take high definition pictures of the planet’s surface to help scientists understand the planet’s unique features. NASA made a slideshow of the taken photos on December, 12 2017 for public records and viewing. The internet has been labeling this new planet after the famous indie game, Minecraft. Because of the game’s massive popularity in western society and culture, along with the planet’s cubicle geographical structure, the name has now been made official by NASA researchers. NASA researchers want this newly discovered planet to encourage younger generations to pursue a career in space and science programs like S.T.E.M and many others. Even though no new information about the planet has come out, this planet has high implications on the structure of how planets can form. What we know about the planet is it has a cube like topographical structure; it is 1.8 percent larger than planet Earth; and there is evidence of water.


Joshua Oliva